Our mission is to help people discover that life is great. At SLC we believe that life is great when we ENCOUNTER the reality of God, ENGAGE in healthy relationships and EMPOWER for a life of significance.

We’re a multi-generational, diverse community that loves Christ. We believe that authentic relationships are a vital part of discovering the great life God wants for you. It starts with a growing love for Jesus and for others.

We believe God is constantly shaping and stretching us as we take steps together to serve our church family and the community where we live.

Our venues and campuses feature one message of God’s great life. We think you’ll feel right at home no matter what venue or campus you attend.


At SLC we value and pursue ministry that is...

Biblical. God speaks through the Bible and it serves as the final authority for our lives.

Authentic. Each person is uniquely created and gifted, and as such we must minister in and through the uniqueness God has placed in each of us.

Relational. Healthy relationships are the seedbed for transforming ministry.

Missional. All ministries should seek to fulfill the greatest mission of bringing people back to God. We seek to follow Jesus' example of missional ministry that is compassionate, innovative, relevant and accepting.

Spirit-led. The Holy Spirit empowers us to bear witness to the message of Christ through character and activity. The Spirit guides us as a church and as individuals to right living and alignment with Christ.

Devoted. Ministry is performed as an act of worship and is done in response to God's great love, not to earn it.

Developing. The church is an environment of growth and transformation, where skills are taught, talents and gifts are fostered, and discipleship is modeled.