Sound Life Young Families is an exciting new Group that gives young families a place to connect! We know that community is so important for dads and moms, and this Group is an excellent place to get to know other people in your same season of life at SLC. Sound Life Young Families is for people in their 20s, 30s, or 40s, single parent, married with or without kids.  Please join our Facebook page by clicking the button below, to stay in the loop about upcoming events!

Here's how you can dive into Sound Life Young Families...

  1. Starting January 17 with our Winter Groups, we'll be meeting in the SLC Cafe at our Main Campus. Each Wednesday night at 7:00 PM you'll have the opportunity to drop off your kids at age appropriate classes (they have a blast!) and come grab some coffee in the Cafe. We'll have conversations about raising a young family, address some of the unique challenges we face while raising kids today, and enjoy hanging out and getting to know each other!
  2. We'll also have some fun, family friendly outings offered throughout the year. We may go bowling, take a trip to a cider mill, meet at a park, have a BBQ with tons of games for the family... you never know! These things will be announced with plenty of notice to make sure you can attend!