January 21, 2019

Dear Church Member,

Our SLC Family Celebration and Annual Business Meeting is coming up Sunday, February 10 at 6:00 PM. It’s so important to have all of our membership there! At this meeting, we will be voting on proposed bylaw changes. I’ve included below a proposed bylaw change submitted for your consideration by the Board of Directors. It will be taken up as new business at the meeting. I believe that all of us need to be informed so that we can make the best decision for the future ministry of Sound Life Church.

We will also elect one director to serve on the Board of Directors. The nominees are:

Scott Humphrey and Nathan Bennett

There will be a brief biography of each nominee in the Annual Report, which will be available at the Information Table on each Campus on Sunday, February 3, and in the church office. I would encourage you to read it before the meeting! In an effort to reduce cost, enough Annual Reports are printed with one per family in mind. Bring your copy of the report with you to the SLC Family Celebration.

We can’t wait for this once-a-year get-together! Please be in prayer for God's will to be done.



Pastor Cal Carpenter